Some of the ArcTrain students and principal investigators at EGU 2016 in Vienna
Thought a PhD was all about sitting at you desk? Working in the lab? Think again. Part of your job, as a scientist, is to branch out into the big wide world and present your work to other people. Other scientists. Scary huh? In the beginning…yes, probably. I had very […]

The Scientific Conference

On August 26th 2014 I was standing on the geographical North Pole – how the hell did I end up there? Even if I tend to choose rather unusual holiday destinations, not always sunny and warm, the North Pole wasn’t on my travel-to-do-list – totally out of reach, who is […]

To the North Pole and back

To welcome you on this blog and introduce you to our work and experiences, here is a video on our ArcTrain field courses in 2015. Have fun!

The Labrador Experience