Tuesday, March 28th 2017, 11:20 am. University of Bremen, building ‘NW1’, in front of room S1270. Around 40 people witness a historic metamorphosis: The first ArcTrain student is converted into an alumnus, meaning that he successfully defended his PhD thesis! The title of Georg’s presentation was ‘On the Generation of […]

It’s a kind of magic: First ArcTrain student successfully defends ...

Components of an Earth-System-Model
If you have any interest in climate sciences, it is very easy to stumble upon the mysterious term climate model sooner or later. However, it is sometimes quite difficult to get answers to questions like: “For what do you actually use a model?” Actually, all anybody normally asks is “So, […]

What is a model?

Tromsø, September 8th, 2016: the beginning of a six-week research cruise into the central Arctic Ocean. Our aims: the search for hydrothermal vents and the investigation of a chain of sea mounts. What an exciting task which made me feel curious and nervous at the same time. I was lucky […]

Pot hitting in the Arctic Ocean – in search of ...

Only two weeks after the successful Kick-off Meeting, we found ourselves on the way to the beautiful Harz Mountains for our first retreat. “We”, that is the 12 new ArcTrain PhD students, four ArcTrain associated PhD students and two Canadian ArcTrain PhD students. In the following three years there will […]

The first ArcTrain Retreat of the second Cohort – An ...

It seems like only yesterday that the first cohort of 12 ArcTrain students, fresh-faced and ready to go, were officially welcomed into the program in 2014 at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven. On Monday 23rd January 2017, during the Kick-Off Meeting for the second ArcTrain cohort, I was reminded of […]

ArcTrain Kick-Off Meeting – Round 2

February 21st, 2015. Longyearbyen, Svalbard. 1300 km north of the polar circle. I leave the plane knowing that for the next six weeks, I will be closer to the north pole than to the next McDonalds. Polar bears (3000) outnumber humans (2600). You’re only allowed to leave “town” with a […]

Of polar bears and northern lights – living at the ...

Thought a PhD was all about sitting at you desk? Working in the lab? Think again. Part of your job, as a scientist, is to branch out into the big wide world and present your work to other people. Other scientists. Scary huh? In the beginning…yes, probably. I had very […]

The Scientific Conference

On August 26th 2014 I was standing on the geographical North Pole – how the hell did I end up there? Even if I tend to choose rather unusual holiday destinations, not always sunny and warm, the North Pole wasn’t on my travel-to-do-list – totally out of reach, who is […]

To the North Pole and back

To welcome you on this blog and introduce you to our work and experiences, here is a video on our ArcTrain field courses in 2015. Have fun!

The Labrador Experience