“Wait a minute, wasn’t it last year?” -asked many, who were surprised to hear, that March for Science –  the event which is supposed to bring attention to science in general and especially to earth sciences – is not a one-time thing. Yes, last year it took place for the […]

March for Science – Why?

Did you think scientific conferences are only for established researchers? Or for PhD students that are about to finish and really have something to present? But not for you, who might not even think about their first publication because you’re still missing some additional data and the final “amazing” conclusion? […]

The Motivational Effect of a Scientific Conference

2006, 10th grade: Me getting the worst possible grade in our Maths exam. 2007, 11th grade: Me getting rid of Physics as soon as possible. 2008, 12th grade: Me and three friends in a Maths exam, receiving as many points combined as the best girl in class alone. 2018: Me […]

Changing to the dark side: How I ended up in ...

We recently finished our second retreat of second cohort PhDs. For four days we called the beautiful but these days extremely windy island of Helgoland our home, where we learned a lot about, yes you guessed right, science communication (SciComm as the insiders say). This is one of the reasons […]

Windy Island Get-Away

Dear reader, today I want to tell you about an opportunity to find out what I am actually doing when I am not writing blog posts. The event is called ‘Science goes PUBlic’ and the concept is plain and simple: If you want to tell people about science, go where […]

Don’t miss it: Science goes PUBlic in Bremen

Dear reader, in case you kept checking the blog daily for the last 221 days and kept up the hope for a new post: impressive stamina, let us reward you! In case you once read an article here and now came back: welcome back! And, last but not least, if […]

Hey there, we’re back!

Cruise MSM-64 was carried out aboard the German research vessel (RV) Maria S. Merian, a multi-purpose vessel designed for interdisciplinary research in coastal seas, on continental shelves, and in the blue ocean. The cruise focused on assessing the strength and variation of the currents in the southern subpolar North Atlantic. Another aim was to investigate […]

MSM-64 research cruise

After hearing how it ends, it’s your right, dear reader of the ArcTrain blog, to ask how it begins. After Lera’s text (https://arctrain.de/finishing-up-a-phd-thesis/), I’m now worried that I will not give you a text with as much wisdom. But after all, I’m only in the beginning of this PhD, maybe […]

Starting up a PhD