Polar week, day three. Today APECS challenged us to share our micro-scale Polar Numbers. And since we are an Arctic based research training group our knowledge about Antarctica is on a micro-scale range compared to our knowledge about the Arctic so we decided to change sides today and summarize some #PolarNumbers […]

Polar Week: Polar Number Challenge – Take Three

Welcome to part 2 of our humble quest to provide you with our #PolarNumbers! Today, I want to share some Arctic #PolarNumbers with you (and since today’s challenge is percentages, I of course hid some % in our Arctic numbers): 6*10⁶ km²: So much of the Arctic Ocean is covered by […]

Polar Week: Polar Number Challenge – Take Two

Today is the first day of the APECS Polar Week, as you already heard of by Valentin last Friday. And since APECS challenged all of us to share our #PolarNumbers with the world out there, we of course didn’t want to miss this. A Polar Number could be any number […]

Polar Week: Polar Number Challenge – Take One

Hello out there! As Arctic sea ice approaches its yearly minimum, the public interest into the Arctic normally approaches its yearly maximum. This is why we want to draw your attention to this opportunity to satisfy your hopefully unsatisfiable hunger for polar knowledge: The APECS International Polar Week from September […]

Polar week coming!

One short note before you start: This article is an experiment. I describe my work using only the 1000 most commonly used words in English. You want to see more of this? Follow #SciCommChall on Twitter! You want to give it a try yourself? Use this editor: http://splasho.com/upgoer5/. By the […]

Marrying in Space

In a couple of weeks 6 German and 8 Canadian ArcTrain PhD students will join the Floating University, an educational program that will take place on a 6-week scientific cruise to the high Arctic. In preparation for this expedition some of us went to the polar bear protection training. Now […]

Polar Bear Protection Training

“Why the hell did you come here???” I often hear for 11 years. Yes. Why did I leave Martinique, a tropical French island with a minimal winter temperature of 20°C … to go to Rimouski (Québec, Canada) where it is snowing 5 months a year with a mean winter temperature […]

From the Tropics to the Arctic: an Eternal Story!

My physics teacher in high school always used to tell us to think of something warm when we were complaining about being cold. These days when you definitely not have to think of something warm to feel warm, I was wondering if this would also work the other way around, […]

Something Cool On A Hot Day…

Last Sunday July 15th was Arctic Sea Ice Day, which is why we would like to tell you today a little bit about the importance of sea ice. Isn’t sea ice just frozen seawater? Sure, that’s totally true, but it is frozen water with a global significance. Sea ice is […]

Why Do We Care So Much About Sea Ice?