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Do you enjoy reading our blog? Did you sometimes wish you could join some of our adventures? Did you always wanted to work on an Arctic topic? On a project that will be entirely yours? Do you already have a master degree or will finish it in the coming months?

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Come and join our team!

Because we are now looking for a new cohort of 12 motivated and Arctic passionate people from all over the world that want to do a PhD in the Arctic realm. Simply follow this link, choose the position that suits you best and apply until May 24th, 2019.

And here is why:

A PhD is generally a great (sometimes stressful) adventure that you can learn a lot from, about your project but also about yourself and your strenghts and skills that you might have not been aware of before. Apart from that, doing a PhD in the frame work of a research training group comes with a variety of advantages:

  • You will always have your little network of people going through the same challenges as you are.
  • Monthly seminars will give you a great opportunity to practise your presentation skills and discuss your ongoing research in a familiar atmosphere.
  • You will be given the opportunity to attend a number of really useful softskill courses, supporting your current work and future career.
  • You will also be given the opportunity to spend some time at a Canadian partner university, which will allow you to look at your project from a new point of view, add further interesting results and broaden your network.
  • You will be introduced to a group of amazing people that are already in the network and welcome every new person, in Germany as well as in Canada and there are various options to meet all these (far away) people during our annual meetings, research stays or conferences.
  • If you need more reasons, read this blog from top to bottom, or the other way around.
  • GOOD LUCK! =)
Credits: Charles Brunette

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