As an Early Career Scientist (ECS), conferences are essential to get to know new people, gain experience in presenting your research, and learn a lot about the current science in your research field and beyond. Here is the personal experience of Linda with online conferences. As ECS, we share the […]

Experiences with online conferences – from an Early Career Scientist ...

Schools are closed in Germany, outreach projects and workshops are cancelled – does this mean that there is no possibility for us as scientists to reach out to the public and educate young people about our planet and the Arctic? Luckily not: We just had the chance to discover that […]

The Arctic and its role in the climate crisis: An ...

There was a full moon on the night of December 29. Before going to bed, I have the habit of stepping outside for a moment, to see what’s the weather like; especially in the winter, I love the feeling of the crisp cold air before I rush to the warmth […]

A lunar halo for the New Year

168 days, that’s the time, we, Linda and Luisa, two ArcTrain students from Bremen, spent on our greatest scientific adventure so far: the MOSAiC drift expedition. MOSAiC – The  Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate was a large, international research expedition. Frozen into the ice, the German […]

Two ArcTrainees – one big scientific question: A story about ...

The 7th Annual Meeting of ArcTrain was totally different from any ArcTrain meeting that has happened before, and still, many things were similar. The reason for the change was the same all over the world: the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions, as well as concerns to further spread the virus, forced […]

7th ArcTrain Annual Meeting – together in the distance

What is my PhD project about? I want to give you an introduction to this. To make this introduction easily understandable for everyone, no matter what scientific or non-scientific background you have, I did it in a special form: I only used the 1000 most commonly used English words. Valentin […]

Marrying in the water

Five months after the official start for the third ArcTrain Germany cohort, it was time for our first group retreat. The 12 ArcTrain students of the third cohort, one associated student, two ArcTrain students from Canada currently on research visits in Germany, the three PhD representatives of the second cohort, […]

ArcTrain visits the Harz Mountains – First retreat of the ...

Note: This blog post was written by Marie-Michèle Ouellet-Bernier and Jade Falardeau Aklavik is located in the Mackenzie Delta, 2° North of the Arctic Circle. This community, of about 600 people, is part of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. To get there, we need to reach the town of Inuvik, a […]

Nordic adventure in Aklavik