edit 2019-09-09 09:22: Fixed the title and the image placement What was supposed to be a 2h drive this morning became a 4h drive. We first left Tadoussac after a good breakfast (and a coffee!). First stop : GAZ! Only 30 km left with the tank forced us to stop […]

ArcTrain Summer School – Day 3: Shell we go to ...

Today’s first activity was a proper introduction that helped us to decide with whom to strand on a lonely island. This way well prepared for the wildness that will expect us in the next days, we headed off to the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre where we were welcomed by a […]

ArcTrain Summer School – Day 2: Upwhaling

edit 2019-09-08 : adding the name of the authors of the text. Hey ArcTrain lovers, We started with us meeting at UQAM in Montreal at around 8.00 am, packed the vans and left for the upcoming adventure. The first leg of the journey was from Montreal to Tadoussac following the […]

ArcTrain Summer School – Day 1: Once upon a time ...

For anyone who might have feared that we vanished some time during all these post-less Mondays, we didn’t. We’ve survived the recent hack, only melted figuratively away in our offices over the summer and are thus still here. However most of us on the German side are in their third […]

We’re still here

Two weeks ago we, ArcTrainees (ArcTrain PhD students), went on our yearly retreat (re-read about our 2018 and 2017 retreat). This time we went on a four-day trip to Sylt, one of the islands in the Wadden Sea. You might wonder, is this some sort of holiday? I can tell […]

Let’s talk about: Life after the PhD

I can’t recall if I choose to apply or if the decision came naturally. First thing I know, I was submitting my application to participate in the Emerging Leaders program. As part of the Arctic Frontiers Conference, about 30 young professionals, scientists, politicians and businessmen (and women) were selected to […]

The Story of How I Became an Emergency Leader

Hi dear folks! It seems that time goes on unnoticed, so several months after Valentin started, I think it is time to present myself. I was born in the east of France, in the (objectively) beautiful city of Lyon. Growing up in this city includes a love for good food, […]

Behind the blog : Damien

Hello out there! Two and a half weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about why it makes all the difference in the world if there is a pinch of salt in a glass of water or not. So, of course, the logical consequence is to write a blog post […]

Fun with Ice, Take 2/3: Colouring ice cubes from the ...

Hello out there! Last week, a group of school kids visited our institute and I had the honourable task of introducing them to the world of sea ice. To this end, I prepared some experiments with ice cubes. They are really low-level to understand, but still you can explain a […]

Fun with Ice, Take 1/3: The Battle between Salt and ...