“Why the hell did you come here???” I often hear for 11 years. Yes. Why did I leave Martinique, a tropical French island with a minimal winter temperature of 20°C … to go to Rimouski (Québec, Canada) where it is snowing 5 months a year with a mean winter temperature […]

From the Tropics to the Arctic: an Eternal Story!

My physics teacher in high school always used to tell us to think of something warm when we were complaining about being cold. These days when you definitely not have to think of something warm to feel warm, I was wondering if this would also work the other way around, […]

Something Cool On A Hot Day…

Last Sunday July 15th was Arctic Sea Ice Day, which is why we would like to tell you today a little bit about the importance of sea ice. Isn’t sea ice just frozen seawater? Sure, that’s totally true, but it is frozen water with a global significance. Sea ice is […]

Why Do We Care So Much About Sea Ice?

Hello out there! Six weeks ago, I was talking about our research to a class of eighth graders. One question stayed in the back of my head and the longer I thought about it, the more I thought that it merits a blog post. A girl asked how high the […]

Carbon footprint of climate science

Monday again! Wohoo! New week, new post! …. No? No post? Again?! That’s fine, just wait a little longer… until Tuesday… Still no post?! Does that sound familiar to you? Yes, we are aware that there sometimes are post-less Mondays… but don’t worry, this ain’t one of them. This is […]

Again no Monday – Post?!? =(

Do your parents seem confused as to why writing a paper can take months or years? “You should be able to finish this paper by Friday, right?” … Or, do your grandparents have no idea why you can’t just “graduate next semester”? When you get to travel for conferences and […]

Talking to non-Academic Family and Friends about my PhD

Hello out there! Today, I want to explain you how satellites work and why we like them so much for polar research. First of all, you may wonder about the relation between the headline and satellites. Well, satellites fly high above the Earth, around 700 km. And the farther you […]

Big Brother in Space

Do you remember Valentin’s post about Changing to the Dark Side: How [He] Ended up in Science? Where he said getting a PhD is also about being at the right place at the right time? Where he said the story about being at the right place at the right time […]

Being at the Right Place at the Right Time

As you, dear reader, may have guessed already from previous posts, being an ArcTrain PhD student does not mean that you are only spending time in front of your computer or in the lab but it also means leaving your cozy and comfortable office and desk behind to enter the […]

Wind, waves and PIES – An ArcTrain student out in ...