We’re still here

For anyone who might have feared that we vanished some time during all these post-less Mondays, we didn’t. We’ve survived the recent hack, only melted figuratively away in our offices over the summer and are thus still here. However most of us on the German side are in their third year of the PhD, which means the last year of your contract in Germany. This makes it harder to find time to write a blog post, while juggling all the other things that need to be done before handing in the thesis. This doesn’t mean that we didn’t write at all, we wrote plenty of things. Among those things are traveling reports. Of each of the business trips we have to write a report, because of the funding we get. These result in short stories about our experience and the benefits we had of going on the trip. Many of these are available on-line, like Lina’s story of her research stay in Montreal. So if you are curious about what all these conferences, workshops, courses and research stays are for, there are reports of our journeys dating back to the first trip of the first ArcTrain cohort.

Now you might think, that is not the same as a blog post and wonder if it will stay as quiet on the blog over the next months as it did in the recent past. The answer is: most likely not. We have some new posts in the pipeline and plan to keep you up to date about our adventures during the upcoming ArcTrain summer school. Which will be a field trip in Canada, that starts already on Friday!

Outline for our ten-day summer school in the subarctic regions of Québec, Canada: September 06th – 14th, 2019.

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