ArcTrain Kick-Off Meeting – Round 3

ArcTrainees through the ages: The first cohort at their first retreat in the upper image, the second cohort at their kickoff meeting in the middle image and the third cohort in the lower image. Credit: Valeriia Kirillova (upper image), Volker Diekamp (middle image), Damien Ringeisen (lower image)

It is almost three years ago that we, the second cohort of ArcTrain students, had our kick-off meeting at MARUM in Bremen. Now, three years later, it was time to welcome the third cohort at their kick-off meeting, which was this time held at the AWI in Bremenhaven. It was nice to see all the new faces (including those of recently started associated PhDs students) and share some of our experiences, like the first cohort did for us. By sharing our experiences we showed that for the next three years they won’t only be spending time behind their desk at the office, but also go on retreats, research stays, field trips, floating university, annual meetings, participate in conferences and so on. While welcoming the new cohort it also became more apparent that they are slowly taking over our positions and that the time for us to move on is approaching. Therefore we introduced them to the initiatives that we started, such as the ArcTrain Twitter account, and those we took over from the first cohort, like this Blog. Most important, we also shared some advice with them, like “never read without writing”, because two years into the PhD you will most likely have forgotten what you read during the first months.

After all this information and advice followed a nice presentation with an Arctic vibe to it about the MOSAiC expedition by Christiaan Haas. The meeting ended with an informal poster session with drinks and bites to get to know each other. With the posters, that some of us introduced by a PICO talk, we presented our research and tried to give an insight to the new ArcTrainees where they might be three years from now. Leaving I guess many of us wondering where our next adventure will lead us, while already starting to feel slightly nostalgic about the last three years…

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