The Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM) is known to be the flagship for the ocean sciences that takes place every two years in the United States. In 2020 the conference was held in San Diego, California, between February 16th and 21st. With more than 6300 participating scientists it is the largest conference within the ocean […]

ArcTrain at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020

It is often good to remember the reasons for doing something. It might be helpful during the process of doing it and in times of doubts. So, an important question for all of us ArcTrainees – and for all other PhD students out there – should be: Why am I […]

Why am I doing a PhD?

After all this information and advice followed a nice presentation with an Arctic vibe to it about the MOSAiC expedition by Christiaan Haas. The meeting ended with an informal poster session with drinks and bites to get to know each other. With the posters, that some of us introduced by […]

ArcTrain Kick-Off Meeting – Round 3

Hello out there! Of course, you carefully and repeatedly read all our blog posts to get a grasp on what it means when young Arctic scientists go for a road trip. To enrich your impressions with some video footage, we gladly provide you with a video of our trip compiled […]

ArcTrain Summer School – The Summary

We are in the middle of the St. Lawrence estuary as we are writing these lines, crossing from the northern to the southern shore, on board the Saaremaa ferry.  This morning, we woke up and had one last breakfast at the Uapishka station, in the depth of Côte-Nord du Québec, […]

ArcTrain Summer School – Day 9: Ferry tales

This is our last day in Station Uapishka, already! After two full days with the guides of Attitude Nordique, we decided to explore the North on our own. One part of the group went for a day hike climbing to the top of Uapishka (Groulx) mountains, to visit the tundra […]

ArcTrain Summer School – Day 8: Humans in the North

We explored the Uapishka region yesterday during our hike and got a glimpse of the massive meteorite crater from above. Today, we have a chance to get closer. We boarded a ZODIAC boat and a canoe to observe the landscape from the lake which has formed inside the crater. Due […]

ArcTrain Summer School – Day 7: Paddling in a crater

Today we hiked the Harfand summit in the Groulx mountain range, a 12 km long loop across altitudes. We started at a low altitude inside a boreal forest, and while walking up, the vegetation around us changed slowly. By the time we reached the summit we were surrounded by an […]

ArcTrain Summer School – Day 6: Nordicity, what does The ...

This day we drove from Baie-Comeau to the Uapishka station, following the Manicouagan River upstream, straight towards the north. This river flows from the Reservoir Manicouagan towards Baie-Comeau, on a distance of 221 km, and is the 3rd most important tributary of the St. Lawrence. Four dams were built on […]

ArcTrain Summer School – Day 5: Dam It… Let’s go ...